Training Events and Resource Material

AASFAA understands the needs of high school counselors working hard to assist parents and students planning for college. We strive to provide college planning and access material that prepares them to answer question regarding federal student aid, state aid as well as institutional aid at colleges and universities across Arkansas.


National Training for Counselors & Mentors (NT4CM)

AASFAA partners with the Department of Education to provide counselors across the state with free resources and training for outreach and counseling to assist students and parents to prepare for college. Information covered in the training covers federal and state programs, scholarships, and access to other financial aid sources.

If you were not able to attend the NT4CM Training, below is a copy of the booklet from the training.

2016 NT4CM Booklet


For more details on what NT4CM covers visit FSA's National Training for Counselors and Mentors.