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2018 Spring Conference Materials
Federal Update - Kevin Campbell PDF
Year-Round Pell PowerPoint
Overview of HEA PowerPoint
ADHE Update PowerPoint
2017 Spring Conference Materials
SULA PowerPoint
Financial Aid Resources PowerPoint
AASFAA Verification - Fall 2017 PDF
AASFAA PJ - Fall 2017 PDF
AASFAA Fed Update - Fall 2017 PDF
Five Languages PowerPoint
Financial Aid Legislative Update PowerPoint
2016 Fall Conference Materials
Federal Update October 2016 PDF
Teaching Financial Literacy to Traditional Students PDF
Verification and Conflicting Information  PDF | Power Point
SULA Training Handout
Spring Conference Materials

Arkansas Ask a Fed (Presented by Trevor Summers)

Federal Update-April 2016 (Presented by Trevor Summers) PDF
Student Loans 101 PDF | PowerPoint
Financial Aid 101 PDF | PowerPoint
Cost of Attendance PDF | PowerPoint
Federal Reviews PDF | PowerPoint
2014 2014 Fall Conference Materials  

Loan Repayment Strategies

Verification PowerPoint
Student Eligibility PDF
Unusual Enrollment History PDF | PowerPoint
Clock Hours: Real Life Examples PDF | PowerPoint
Applications PDF
Customer Service PDF | PowerPoint
Professional Judgement PDF | PowerPoint
150 Percent Subsidy Limit AASFAA Fall 2014 (Presented by Kevin Campbell) PDF
How Different Academic Calendars Affect T4 with modules AASFAA 2014 (Presented by Kevin Campbell) PDF
Federal Update AASFAA Oct 2014 (Presented by Kevin Campbell) PDF